Lady Palm (Rhaphis excelsa)

Lady Palm (Rhaphis excelsa)

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The Lady Palm is a small evergreen palm with upright, slender, bamboo-like canes bearing delicate, glossy, dark green, fan-shaped leaves. The sturdy canes are covered with brown fibres which fall as the plant ages, revealing the bamboo-like trunks.

The slow-growing Lady Palm is popular as a houseplant, lending a rich tropical look to the home.

Growing up to 3m, the clumping Lady Palm spreads by rhizome offshoots and is excellent for screening.

Known for being cold-tolerant, the Lady Palm is easily grown in well-drained soils in part shade and can handle close to full shade. Drought tolerant once established.

Plant in a loam-free compost in full light but with protection from strong sun. In the growing season water freely and apply a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly. Water sparingly in winter. No pruning required.

Native from China to Vietnam

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Care & Instructions

Partial or full shade.
Moderate watering.



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