Odemis Pot

Odemis Pot

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Discover our Moroccan Odemis Pots, boasting exquisite craftsmanship in diverse shapes, sizes and colour washes. Carefully sourced to form a bespoke collection, each pot exudes distinctive character. Ideal as collector's pieces for your home or for showcasing your favourite florals these pots emanate timeless elegance and authentic moroccan charm.

In our collection, you'll find pots of varying sizes, shapes, and colour palettes. Organised by size, you'll find measurements spanning from the smallest to the largest pots. Simply include a note with your order specifying your preferred pot, and we'll endeavour to accommodate your request.

S :W: 10 - 25 cm x H: 50 - 70 cm (widest - 35 - 55cm) 
M:W: 10 - 25 cm x H: 65 - 75 cm (widest 45 - 60cm)
L:W: 20 - 25 cm x H: 70 - 90 cm (widest 65 - 78cm)
XL: W26 x H: 90 - 100 cm(widest 68 - 82cm)

Delivery & Returns

Please review our full delivery and returns policy.

Care & Instructions

Our Moroccan pots are entirely unique and may have slight variations, adding to their individuality. Please note your pot will be carefully chosen from our available stock, ensuring you receive a truly one-of-a-kind piece.


Please note that the width is measured by the length inside the mouth of the pot.

S :W: 10 - 25 cm x H: 50 - 70 cm
M:W: 10 - 25 cm x H: 65 - 75 cm
L:W: 20 - 25 cm x H: 70 - 90 cm
XL: W26 x H: 90 - 100 cm

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